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The SEYBOTH TEAM || Branded Campaign

Branded Campaign

Through your production, skill, and efforts you've built yourself & your team's reputation to a world class level -- now with my production skill & effort we can do the same for your brand and visual profile to help you elevate to the next.

Proposal | ONE (as discussed)

Using the "Coach" commercial as a general model, the idea is to create a compelling branded narrative to engage potential clients with cinematic visuals that demonstrate who you are, what you do, and most importantly the expertise, effort, and access that sets The SEYBOTH TEAM apart from the all the others when it comes to buying and/or selling your home.


   "Buying a house isn't just about finding the best deal on the right property -- it's about making a home... It's about joining a community, meeting new friends -- maybe raising a family.

   What are the neighbors like? How is the School System? Are there parks nearby? Where's the best pizza spot? Is it safe? 

   Home is more than where your heart is, it's your quiet space and comfort zone -- the place to build your dreams and your family. It's the magic world where you get to live out the moments that will make up the story of your life.

   I'm Kyle Seyboth, and I spend my whole life guiding others to the special place where they'll spend theirs.

   Come visit the SEYBOTH TEAM today, and we'll show you the way.

   As discussed, this concept will allow us to maximize output based on production. Shooting docu-verite style over the course of 8-10 days, we can cover a wide spectrum of ground and visual dynamics. We can shoot you working from home day and night, working from the car, at high-end properties, low-end properties, houses you're doing construction on, at a school, at a park, eating pizza on the go, talking to local police, talking to LOCAL NEWS, meeting with investors, meeting with clients, meeting with families, working with your staff -- these are are just a few examples off the top of my head, I have no doubt once I spend some time with you, the range of compelling visuals to capture and ideas to articulate will grow exponentially.

   We will set aside a couple days for straight high-production shoots & set ups with steadi-cam rigs, production sound operators, lights, etc -- to ensure we have a fair amount of 'money-shot' aesthetics, quotes, and specified 'scene-work' to act as the baseline to which our docu-verite content will supplement. But by and large, my job will basically be to be a fly on the wall, low-profile filming you as you go about your business in all capacities and then carving that together to demonstrate the full picture of your "Padre Pio"(Saint who appeared in multiple places at once) existence and efforts on behalf of your clients. Shooting this way... 

1. Allows you to go about business as usual for the most part without much interruption or interference for production.


2. Allows us to film in a variety of places covering a variety of subject matters and areas of interest for potential clients which we will use to create Kyle Seyboth / SEYBOTH TEAM branded spots with all the production value of a big budget National Campaign for barely a fraction of the cost. When you shoot big-budget, every location might as well be an entire production day with full crew, equipment, trucks, staff etc -- making the costs astronomical, the way I work, we get the big-budget aesthetic for a fraction of a fraction of the cost.


3. Then flip all the footage from the "big-budget" Commercial Shoot into smaller 'short-form' branded clips/snippets to be used weekly or bi-weekly at your discretion for a constant stream of professional-grade branded marketing material

So in total this will give us...

1. ONE (1) 'long-form' branded narrative piece that will be a mix of scripted and docu-style 'in-the-field'/on the fly quotes but will have the same tone and aesthetic style as  the 'Coach' commercial linked above, anywhere from 2-to-5 minutes in length. This will be used on your website and on social media platforms as your main sort of "ABOUT US" / Introduction video to clients and investors and other realtors alike. The aim is to give you and your brand a public visual that lives up to an exceeds the level of your own production... when they look up "Kyle Seyboth the #1 KW Agent in the world, they'll see this content and think "Oh wow, he really is different & on another level no one else is."


2. TWO (2) short-form versions (1-to-2 minutes) based on this same branded narrative piece above that will be quicker and perhaps specified in their focus but very similar in aesthetic style and tone using much of the same footage -- but due to their shorter length can be used more ubiquitously as they will be versatile throughout platforms and can be more easily and quickly digested. For example we could make one focus specifically on KYLE and the other focus on Kyle and The SEYBOTH TEAM specifically. OR... We could have one be about the PHILOSOPHY of how you work with clients and the other be about the WORK you put in... we'll have a number of options when decided the creative direction of these and will figure out what works best for you.


3. TWENTY-SIX (26) social media geared 'quick-hitter' short-form branded clips/snippets (30-sec to 1-minute) that will focus on specific aspects of what you do, interesting quotes we find potent/marketable from when we shoot, and more categorical breakdowns of subject matter in which you have expertise -- Buying, Selling, Flipping, Pricing, Negotiations, Markets & Fluxuation, Mortgages, Investing, Neighborhoods, Schools, Safety, Contracting, Construction, Interior Design, Family Decisions, Additions (you probably have a dozen more topics you can think of off the top of your head). All of these we will be able to produce seamlessly while and within the context of the larger narrative pieces we're putting together at large. These 'snippets' will serve your overall marketing efforts as a constant stream of advertising via compelling visuals for your business and moreover YOUR BRAND by maintaining the appearance quality of a high-production National Campaign on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Below please find some general examples that for the types of clip/snippet content I'm referring to (yours will of course fit your specific tone and narrative and can be looked at as 'shorter commercials' in many cases but here is some variety.

Proposal | ONE (Deliverables & Fees)


ONE (1) ||  2-to-5 minute Long-Form Branded Commercial/Content Piece 


TWO (2) || 1-to-2 minute Short-Form Branded Commercial/Content Piece

- Piece 1 || PHILOSOPHY / 'The Kyle Seyboth Difference' (for example)

- Piece 2 || WORK / 'The SEYBOTH TEAM Difference' (for example)

TWENTY SIX (26) || Social Media Geared Short-Form Branded Edited Spots (30-sec to 1-minute)

INDIVIDUAL RETAIL TOTAL || Total Retail Fees for Deliverables

PROJECT DISCOUNT || Forty Percent (40%)

*40% Discount applied to all individual deliverable costs when packaged together as one production as the shoots overlap/combine and the editing and be streamlined.

FINAL TOTAL || Total *Actual* Fees for TWENTY NINE (29) Deliverables after Discounts 




$10,000 x 1


$2,500 x 2


$1,000 x 26






   When we spoke in your office you said something that struck a chord with me. You said that you were eager to meet with me because you knew of my work with Mike Stud and that you wanted me to do for you what I've done for Mike in terms of creating a public image that lives up to (if not inflates) the work you're doing and moreover represents your potential as though it has already come to fruition. I've been thinking about that a lot as I've been brainstorming about this proposal and the work we could do together and two thoughts really kept coming to mind.

   ONE, the thing I'm most proud of about my work and relationship with Mike is that he is a friend who I believed in, who had skill and talent and worked his ass off and that my skill and talent was able to take Mike's 'man behind the curtain' work ethic, and turn it into the visual representation of "THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ". Leaving your office I found myself feeling very much the same kindred 'hustler' energy with you that I felt with Mike. Here's a guy who's worked his ass off, has skill and talent to operate at the highest levels, and if I'm going to collaborate with anyone to help create an image that can propel them forward, I want it to be a friend I believe in -- which leads me to...

   TWO, part of the magic that helped create all the content for Mike was that we approached the work as if it was already worthy of being documented. I went on tour with him back in 2013 and started filming a documentary while we were still riding around in a Sprinter Van (affording an actual Tour Bus was still years away). So the thought occurred to me that the same could be done for what you're doing. We could approach this as if we were actually shooting some form of documentary or docu-series capturing whatever the magic is that has brought you so far so fast ALL ON YOUR OWN.

    This is how I came up with the idea for The SEYBOTH SESSIONS.


   Take a more full on docu-style approach to production, shooting more days, following your life and business all while picking your brain as we go to create 6-to-10 docu-style segments (5-to-10 minutes) where you're engaging with me and the camera and providing information and context while also being filmed just simply DOING WHAT YOU DO. 

   We can cut it in such a way that has either a linear timeline from where you are when we start shooting to what you've accomplished when we've finished... OR... We could break them down into specific topics that act as "how-to" tutorials you could sell/market to other agents and morevoer just give your brand a larger platform and sense of 'authority. --  "BUYING" /"SELLING" / "FLIPPING" / "NEGOTIATING" / "HIGH END" / "LOW END" /"DEVELOPMENT PROPERTIES" / "LAND ACQUISITION" -- you'd know the best topics better than me... but there are a variety of ways we could put them together.



   Creating the appearance that you NOT ONLY have high production "big-budget" commercials / branded content but are also running and operation worthy of BEING DOCUMENTED PROFESSIONALLY says you're really doing BIG THINGS. Not only will these serve to demonstrate your work ethic, expertise, and wildly successful output, but they will act as demonstrable proof that you are on a platform only very few others are on. You could put these out on YouTube for free and although you don't have a massive following, they will garner attention from the endless Realtors surfing YouTube all day not to mention potential clients looking for someone who they feel is important in a significant and substantial way.

   That said, if you wanted to keep these as "exclusive content" there is a way to do that, where you actually SELL these to people who want to know more/have more insight -- I'm sure there are many other realtors (KW and otherwise) wondering how the hell you do what you do. Barstool Gold does something similar with their Barstool Docu-Series.

   There's also the -- potential -- and I'd of course never make any promises in this regard -- that it could get noticed to become an ACTUAL show. Obviously I have agents and managers, not to mention a half dozen friends who are high level producers in the unscripted/reality world who are just an email away. When I started shooting the documentary with Mike back in 2013 we had no idea it would turn into a National TV show under the NBC/Universal umbrella but that's just sort of how these things happen.

   MOREOVERby shooting this way it will give us the ability to pull more short-form content at a fraction of the cost. If I'm shooting with you for a full day docu-style there will undoubtedly be 2 or 3 times where you say or do something interesting that's worthy of being it's own little 30-second or even 2-minute snippet that you could put on social media to increase the constant flow of marketing content we are already creating. Shooting this way without question gets you the most bang for you buck because we're already going to be shooting mostly like this, so just going all the way with it allows me to wrap it into the overall project's production and offer these extras with a steeper overall project discount as outside the extra shoot days, the majority of additional work will be in the editing.


   Dana White with the UFC actually does what i'd consider to be the closest comparable to what we'd be doing leading up to the big UFC fights. Below are some samples of the short-form docu-series he puts right out onto YouTube and other socials, as well as some other short-form docu-type stuff I've like and/or have done/been a part of over the years.

Proposal | TWO (Deliverables & Fees)


(Proposal 1)

ONE (1) ||  2-to-5 minute Long-Form Branded Commercial/Content Piece 


TWO (2) || 1-to-2 minute Short-Form Branded Commercial/Content Piece

- Piece 1 || PHILOSOPHY / 'The Kyle Seyboth Difference' (for example)

- Piece 2 || WORK / 'The SEYBOTH TEAM Difference' (for example)

TWENTY SIX (26) || Social Media Geared Short-Form Branded Edited Spots (30-sec to 1-minute)

(Proposal 2)

SIX-to-TEN (6-10) ||  5-to-10 minute Episodic Docu-Series Segments 

TWENTY SIX (26) || Social Media Geared Short-Form Docu-Snippets/Clips (30-sec to 2-minute)

*Plus I'll throw in 26 Still-Frame photos/productions stills with "quotes" on them that go along with these clips that I've retouched and edited in photoshop to look professional so you can put them out separated on social media and other various advertising outlets.


INDIVIDUAL RETAIL TOTAL || Total Retail Fees for Deliverables


*60% Discount applied to all individual deliverable costs when packaged together as one production as the shoots overlap/combine and the editing and be streamlined. (BOTH PROPOSAL 1 & 2)

FINAL TOTAL || Total *Actual* Fees for SIXTY-SEVEN (67) Video + TWENTY SIX (26) Photo Deliverables after Discounts 




$10,000 x 1


$2,500 x 2


$1,000 x 26



$6,000 x 10

(or $10,000 x 6)


$500 x 26








Closing Thoughts

   I appreciate you giving me the chance to collaborate and hopefully be useful in your efferts to build your empire brother. Feel free to take some time look over this and decide what works best as it relates to your goals right now and for the future. The stuff we discussed already is exciting and will act as a great start to creating a proper visual platform for the SEYBOTH TEAM brand. As far as the SEYBOTH SESSIONS -- I wanted to think big for you and consider ways we could maximize our collaboration to achieve the kind of elevation you're looking for as you continue to grow your business -- and if we can extend our shooting a bit to get you a full year's worth of top-rate marketing material then that would make us both happy I'm sure.

   Obviously these will take some time to plan, produce, and edit so once you decide which Proposal (or combination of items) works best for you, we can figure out a production game-plan and payment schedule. Usually it works in thirds or some form of installments -- 1/3 up front, 1/3 after finishing prinicpal-production, and 1/3 upon final delivery of all assets... but we can work it out however makes the most sense. 

   Like I said, I'm glad to see you thriving brother and I'm looking forward to collaborating to create the next GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ! You keep working your ass off as the man behind the curtain!


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